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Dubstore Cowboys
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Kids Dream Garden
by OCCII Kinderpret
Clit club in da forest
Jamacian heat sauna
Pyrokanisis (England)

On the 6th and 7th of July we welcome you to celebrate on our sunny fields by the waterside.
Drink cocktails! Dance bare foot!
A place just outside of Babylon. Away from normality, control and the stress of the city.
On ADM-Island we gonna put up the sound to make it heard: Burn Babylon!

To all you dancers: The Bamboo Bus Stage is bicycle powered, so you better safe some energy for the pedaling!

To all you chillers: The bar is wind powered, so here you really can relax!

To all you eaters: Bite into our biological food from around the corner and enjoy special african dishes!

15 years ago the abandoned premises of a shipbuilding company
turned into a place of free creation, celebration and madness.
The ADM is our chaotic but beautiful island on the shores of the Babylon System.

Hornweg 6
1045 AR
Shuttlebus from Sloterdijk Station to ADM every full hour
– in peak hours more-
from 13.00u till 1.00.
Location: Taxi stand in front of the station. Wait near the sign for a blue magical reggae bus. Last bus from ADM to Sloterdijk: 3.00AM.
From Sloterdijk to ADM: 14.00u / 16.00u / 18.00 u From ADM to Sloterdijk: 13.45u / 15.45u / 17.45u / 20.00u
12:00 to 14:00 = donation
14:00 to 03.00 = € 11.50

12:00 to 20:00 = € 7,-

To all volunteers
And to all the volunteers who still want to come help...?
Please write a short motivation and how you would like to help.

Send Mail

Note: we have limited parking space.
Come on your bike!
Cars and busses can be parked on the (limited) parking outside festival field.
And.. leave your dogs at home!